This pic represents my childhood years. I was born to poor parents and was raised on a farm. I grew up leading cows, goats, horses, carabao’s (our national animal) and feeding chickens, dogs, pigs, ducks, etc.

It wasn’t easy! It wasn’t as amazing as I wanted it to be, but as I mature, I realised that I was blessed abundantly by the Lord.

My childhood years taught me lessons that made me a woman with a heart to serve. If I managed to help animals, why can’t I serve people?

From a naive girl, I turned out to be an amazing woman with a humble heart. I never regret what happened to me in the past; in fact, my heart is full of gratitude.

If you’re living on the farm and toiling hard under the heat of the sun, do not give up! Have the perseverance, and give your best! Chase your dreams, keep learning and have faith! God will always give you the best if you don’t lose your faith!