About Me

Hello, I’m Jo Ann!

I’m a bubbly and a passionate person, and I love to appreciate the simple and exquisite things in life.
I believe the best way to every human’s heart is to make them feel loved, wanted, and appreciated regardless of their colour, status, and upbringing.

I am determined to be cheerful no matter what I go through. I have my convictions, and I do not follow the crowd.

If I do not agree with you, it means I have better options that are beneficial to the majority.

I’m not the type who likes to chase people if you don’t want me, that is okay. I know that each of us is unique and that we don’t need to force anyone to like us. We can only learn to be likable and lovable.

I prefer not to argue but if my reasoning power is at stake, rest assured you will hear what you ought to.

I try to avoid associating with dishonest people if possible. If you’re a liar it means you can’t be trusted. Though I also believe that everyone deserves a second chance and that people change, it depends on the situation.

I like to share and help others even if at times I end up having less, but you know what? I feel like I already have everything a man could ever have, probably because I learned that life is not about the earthly possessions but being able to share more love with everyone we come across with even to those who cannot help us back, and also to strangers (you never know, strangers can be heaven sent too). 🙂

I love to work hard. It gives me the opportunity to escape from the reality of life. Well, you know some conditions suck, especially if you see people’s cruelty towards other people, towards animals and mother nature.

I love to motivate, encourage and brighten up someone’s day even if I couldn’t brighten up mine. Haha!