Savouring my 5-minute break, and decided to write down the ideas I have in my head. It overflows!

The only LIMIT to our dreams and goals in life are our thoughts and beliefs. It’s normal because we are human – but the good news is, we can change the course of our journey.

Who would have thought that I will be standing and speaking in front of different professionals?

I was raised from the farm and used to be a farmworker. I used to lead animals and nurture plants, rice fields etc.

I was naive and full of fear. One day, I realised that I could change the status of my life, and so I did the things I fear the most.

I conquered a lot of insecurities. I swallowed my pride, forgive people who killed my father and those who attempted to knock me out, and overpower me.

Just like you, I have made a lot of mistakes in the past, I was wrecked and broken, but God rescued me, and I am so grateful and happy to say that – I am now a changed woman. Ready to face and lose everything.

I am not chasing money or material things – there’s only one thing that I am very mindful of – it’s how I use the blessings and talents that God give me.

I never dreamed of things I have now, I only prayed for wisdom, but God showered me more than I deserve, and I am forever grateful.

What I am truly grateful for is not the position or the comfort, but the love and compassion I have in my heart.

To those who are going through discomforts, trials, tribulations and sorrows, I hope and pray for your total healing. May God’s wisdom be upon you all so you can stand firmly and follow his will for your life.

God loves you and me! Look down into your heart, and you will see what I mean.