When was the last time you spend time connecting to God through prayer and fasting?

Today, I have searched through my heart and the deepest part of my soul – and realised that deep within resentment, hatred and unforgiveness were buried. The cruelty of the past is still hunting me and today, I declare forgiveness, mercy, and love to be upon me.

To those who seek peace, I assure that you can find it through surrendering everything to God, acknowledging that Jesus died on the cross for us all to have eternal peace. No amount of friends, material blessings, or words can offer you peace because it only comes from trusting God, and surrendering everything to Him.

Our supreme God is the beginning, the way, the truth and the life. Everything comes from Him, and if you humble yourself and ask His will to prevail in your life, you will not only find inner peace but joy, hope and strength that only comes from His everlasting and unparalleled power.

If you’re eager to be with the Holy Spirit, find some time to be quiet, be still, and just listen to God. Pray and be honest to God. You can listen to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sYyAK_xFpM as you close your eyes and pray.

I hope it can help lighten the burden that you have been carrying with you in the past years, months, weeks, days and hours.

If you know anyone who is struggling to find peace, share this to him or her, and pray for that person.

Let’s cultivate the habit of praying for each other.

Thank you, and happy Sunday.

God loves us – more than we can fathom!