What is it that you are thankful for in life?

As for me, I’m thankful that I was raised by disciplinarian parents. When I was a kid, I often caught myself crying and thinking that my parents don’t love me that much because they often beat us when we commit mistakes especially if they already warned us beforehand.

I don’t want to brag, but I was a very fast learner kid, and at the age of two, I already learned how to talk. My parents noticed my unique skills in speaking out my ideas, and my reasoning ability for them was topnotch. At the age of four, I often hear our neighbourhood praising me when I talk to them. They said I talk like an adult. lol.

When I turned 6, my mother enrolled me as a visitor at NES. During those times, most public schools require the kid to be at least 7 years old to be enrolled. As a visitor pupil in Grade 1, I was intimated as I had no idea how to write my name. lol. You know my parents were too busy making a living that they can even hardly read books or teach us to read and write.

My first day was a disaster. I don’t know how to write my name, and I was so afraid to ask for help from my teacher. I find her a little bit terrifying. Feeling helpless, I went out of the room, looked out for my sister and asked her to show me how to write my name. I observed how she did it, and when I went back to my room, I started writing my name.

I was surprised that I did it well and my teacher praised me. The trick is, I imagined writing my name as if I’m drawing something. So the disaster experience made me learn how to write my name really quickly! I can still recall how I felt when I went out of the classroom and look for my sister. I think pressure makes your brain work smartly! Our CEO – Carl Allan often tells me, pressure create diamonds Jo! haha.

Speaking of being smart, I believe it’s one of the God-given gifts to humankind. No matter where you are or where you were raised from, you had that gift in you – and you can use it for your own advantage, as well as to help others.

I was raised from a remote area in Hacienda Mambajao Bacong Bago City. A place where I spent nearly two decades of my life. It is a good place but to be honest, until now, it has no access to electricity and potable water. The transportation sucks too! It’s why my parents bought a truck in 1994. And hey, this truck is still serving my family. We had it converted into a ten wheeler truck and we’re using it to haul the sugarcane from the farm to the milling companies. Imagine having a 25-year-old truck?

We value what our father left us and I am so proud of it. This is where I took the attitude of restoring something rather than giving up on it or destroying it. Basically, a person’s attitude and mentality are influenced mostly by what he/she observed at home. To all the parents who are reading this, always lead by example to your kids. What they see in you matters than what you tell them.

So if you’re a mom, a dad, I encourage you to discipline your child. Discipline starts from home and should start during the foundation years of a child. If you want to create a bonsai, you don’t wait till it gets old before you trimmed it.

I also want to share this bible verse to you all – “always train your children in a way that when they grow up, they will never depart from it”.

I hope and pray you have learned something from my blog. If you have a blog, or if you have anything to share, feel free to do so. We only live once, let’s maximise our time, strength and potentials!

Thanks for your time! Also, please let me know if you want me to follow your blog.