Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers in the Philippine Team, to all our Filipino fathers here on earth and in heaven – even to those countries who are not celebrating father’s day yet, but I know they will within this year.

I pray for all the fathers, fathers in the making and the fatherless kids, including Ryan and myself, to those who have fathers but can’t even feel like they have one, and to those kids and adults who hadn’t given the chance to see, meet or know their biological father. I know that all these conditions comprise pain, sadness, grief, questions, doubts, fears and even regrets.

Today, I want to share compassion, loving-kindness, undying hope, and unstoppable support to all of us. Above all, I am sending a prayer of love, deliverance and supplication for all of us!

Below are my intentional prayers for all of us – whether you’ll read this or not. 🙂


That we will all choose to possess and implement the great qualities of a good father which are:

1. Ensuring that we continue to provide a safe and secure workplace that will encourage growth, support system, long patience, endurance and empathy to one another.
2. Leading by example from the smallest task we do to the most complex project we handle.
3. Impose truth-based discipline first to ourselves, so it reflects in us first before we can impose it to others.
4. Have fears but don’t allow them to get in the way to fulfilling our mission as the head of every small and complex task entrusted to us in a given time and space.
5. Conscience-centred growth, that if you are not performing in the level of our innate capacity, we could tap ourselves, and reprimand our mind, that we should do things right without being reminded of the rules, process, system and what’s right or wrong. In short, we will continue to deliver WOW results by putting our sole focus on what we do at that very moment with the available resources – like time, space, tools at work, our brain, our skills and our unique-talent.
6. To ensure we are all healthy. The head of the family should keep himself fit and healthy to ensure he can take care of his family’s needs. Each of us should ensure we are all fit so we can continue to serve others using our God-given skills and talents.
7. To always seek wisdom in everything we do, so we will not fall on the traps that the evil forces are putting up to us. We cannot see evil, but we can tell they are around once we gain the wisdom – through prayer, meditation, experience and continuous learning.

I know it’s a long post, but this is not just a post.

Along with my messages carries a heart of a determined woman, raised from one of the most impoverished families in Negros Occidental, Philippines, a painful childhood experience, and once a body of lost-soul who strive very hard to conquer difficulties, fears, hatred, regrets, deceitfulness, and demons!

This goes out to all of us – who has inner struggles and fears!