Happy Mother's day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, soon to be moms and single moms on the planet earth!

My father died when I was so young, and I know how hard it was for my mother to raised my siblings and I. We are seven! (I got very hardworking parents indeed, haha)

At a young age, I took it as a curse. You know, growing up without a father, it was terrible! But as I started to grow mature, I realised that it was both a gift and a lesson. God had to prepare me for bigger things, that He allowed me and my siblings to grow up without a father to protect, guide and correct us.

I feel lucky that I was able to spend 11 years of my life with my father; however, I feel sad for my younger siblings as they had to look up to other people to be their role model.

Having a good role model to look up to as you grow up is as important as having food to eat when you are starving.

Children of all ages require to have parents or guardian next to them who can nurture, guide, protect, love and make them feel secure as they grow up. Creating a comfortable, happy, safe and harmonious environment at home with little children, young adult and even adults is exceptionally crucial.

If anyone of you is living in a home without harmony, I understand how hard it is for you to carry on and I am praying for you. If anyone of you knows any family who is dealing with chaos, conflict, resentment and super dry relationship with their closest family members, please let us both offer intentional prayers for them.

A family is the basic unit of society. If one of your children is causing a problem for you, and other families in the community are also having the same trouble. Can you even imagine how many issues we are dealing? How about the issue that our government will deal with because this country is composed of 7, 100 islands and over 42, 045 barangays?

My point is, we are all accountable for each other. Let us not merely worry for ourselves. Let’s be sensitive and emphatic about others. If you can’t even help, at least do not add a problem to your parents. A lousy kid is a disgrace to her/his parents. Please remember this.

Once, twice and even thrice in my life, I have been a bad woman, but as soon as I realised how wrecked I was, I decided to repent and change the course of my life.

So you think you can’t change? Do you think nobody cares? No, you are wrong. You can change, and there is God up there who truly cares. Let’s repent and live our lives with overflowing joy with Christ.

Thank you for spending two to five minutes of your time reading my mother’s day related post. 🙂 mwah! God loves us!