Being an excellent VA doesn’t happen overnight. It’s never easy, and will never be no matter how long you’ve been working on the online industry.

The truth is, to be excellent in your online career and even in whatever you do, you ought to have:

  • Faith & self-confidence
  • Accountability
  • Self Control
  • Self-discipline
  • Passion for learning
  • Attention to details
  • Empathy
  • Respect 
  • Humble heart
  • An open heart and mind
  • Skills on how to prioritise things
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Ability to present your ideas 
  • Ability to take the initiative when a situation calls for it

What Should You Avoid?

  • Complaining
  • Badmouthing
  • Being late
  • Producing poor results
  • Committing errors
  • Resisting criticism and feedback
  • Blaming others
  • Telling lies

Well, it has taken me nearly ten years to master the art of the virtual world, and how to have high work ethics that win customer’s loyalty and respect. It was no joke!

I cry my heart out every time I commit mistakes and get criticised straightforwardly by my clients. People from other countries are different, and when they think what you’re doing isn’t right or not up to scratch, they would tell you to fuck off! 

But you know what? Despite all the curses, vulgar languages, and at times below the belt feedback, I still persevere! 

I always tell myself this – anything that won’t kill me will only make me strong! And so, I keep learning, reading, watching videos, practising my English in front of the mirror, and my camera – promise, this requires tons of courage and humbleness.

I mean, most people I know stop learning, and reading after graduating from a level of education they consider as good enough. I think there is no such thing as good enough until you empty yourself, ready to take everything set before you without losing confidence. 

Moving forward, I also enrolled in different platforms to ensure I am up to date. It’s not good to get stagnant not even when you think you already have everything – because in life, the ultimate source of happiness & satisfaction is knowing your purpose and discovering what you are capable of. You will only understand your purpose, and discover your limitless abilities if you keep learning – about who you are and who created you.

When I was young, I used to think that after college, I will find a job, then build a business, be very independent, enjoy life, settle down, you know the plans of normal people? 

As I mature, I realised that life is not about getting this, having that, acquiring more, or getting famous but about merely keeping yourself in balance.  

How is this possible? 

How can it be achieved in the virtual world?

It’s all possible if you are in line with the truth, and it can be achieved in the virtual world if you have the determination to do so. You have what it takes, we all have what it takes, we only need to get started, to persevere, to have faith, and keep giving our best no matter what happens!