I am a woman, and I know how essential it is for us to know if the guy likes us or not at all.

I have been reading a lot of dating books, and relationship tips way back my college days, and even up to these days. I have my fair share of broken relationships and have dated several good looking – young and older men in the past.

I grew up without a father, and I always fancy the thought of having an older guy beside me. Later on, I realised that I long for a father-like company and I am not really into older men. LOL. The funny thing is, you have to try something to be able to figure out what you really wanted.

So yeah, I dated younger and older men not because I want to settle down but because I want to get to know them. To be able to understand people regardless of their sexuality, you have to get connected with them.

Below are some of the tips to know if the guy you are with likes you.

  • He takes time to get in touch – If the guy likes you, he will make sure to keep in touch with you regularly and even if he is too busy, Without any excuses, he will surely drop you a line or two frequently – in fact, if he is dying to have you, he will even call, or find reasons to talk to you.
  • He asks questions – If the guy likes you, he will ask questions to initiate a conversation. He will dig further to get to know you. He will be more interested to learn more about what you like, and even about your concerns. If the guy you are dating with, often ask questions you never thought he would, then don’t panic, he simply wants to get to know you more.
  • He shares with you his interest in life – If the guy fancies you, he will share with you his interest in life even if you are not asking about it. Before men get into something more profound, they always want to test if you are both going to get along well or not. They are interested to know if you are going to support them in their hobbies or not. So be mindful! 🙂
  • He compliments you – The guy who likes you will not hesitate to praise you, especially if he like the traits you possess. Please note, he may not do this all the time, but when he does, he will make sure it will make you feel great all over.
  • He tries to get your opinion – If something significant is going on with his life, he might try to get your idea or suggestions. The guy who likes you would be very much interested to know your reaction if he is doing well in life. He also wants to brag a little to you – so if the guy you like does this, make sure you compliment him and share with him your smart ideas.

Please note, I am mainly sharing what I have learned from books and magazines I’ve read and from my personal experience. If you agree, or if you want to share your ideas or experiences, I would truly appreciate if you post your comments below. Alternatively, you can also share this!