One of the secrets on how to keep your customers keep coming back for more is to make them feel important.

If you own a business and you want to keep your customers for life, here are the seven powerful tips you can consider.

  • Responsiveness – logically, and psychologically customers wanted to be heard and addressed quickly and efficiently, especially if they enquire something about your products or services. If you can get back to them, and handle their concerns as soon as possible, that would make them feel valued. According to, lack of responsiveness will not only cost you money but as well as other’s money.
  • Communication – Great communication brings a positive impact on all business perspective. If you check Amazon and other bookselling shops, you will see more than millions of books focusing on how to establish good communications. For business owners, excellent communication is critical – this is the only way to keep everyone stay on the same track no matter what stage your business is at – keep an open dialogue between you and your customers even after they have purchased your products or services. For instance, sending them a personalised email telling that you appreciate their patronage and that you always want to know how else you can better serve them.
  • Give Back – Do not underestimate the power of small acts of kindness. In the fast-paced world, one of the best ways to make customers feel important is by giving something back to them, for instance, sending them a gift card from Amazon. That would make a difference! Most successful companies do this, and we at Kala does the same.
  • Outstanding Customer Support – You wouldn’t desire to hear your customers complaining about your company’s poor customer support and to avoid that – make sure to hire customer support staffs that know how to be emphatic and sympathetic. WOW, feedback from customers will undoubtedly come a long way!
  • Get to Know Your Customer – Address your customers with their first name. When you send them an email, make sure to be polite and courteous. Customers always like being greeted and asked how they are; this may sound so little – but it can make the customers feel that they are valued and recognised. Perhaps, an email with lovely greetings like how are you, good day, I hope this email finds you well etc. You can always customise your email per your subject or enquiry.
  • Call if You Must – If the customers send enquiries and you failed to reply right away, make sure to apologise and maybe give them a call to follow up. Customers will be happier if they know you genuinely care.
  • Keep Your Cool – Customers are always right! Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of Selfridge’s department store, had coined this in 1909. Customers may be wrong, but then they will always be right. So if you feel like they are annoyed or getting irritable, make sure to keep your cool and remain professional. You can apologise, build rapport and offer options. It takes a lot of courage and patience to stay calm, but at the end of the day, your business is not literally about your reactions to circumstances, but about making your customers feel important so they would continue to patronise your products and services.

Please note, I am not sharing this to teach or educate you. I am merely sharing with you what I have learned working with different customers for over a decade.