When life Gets to Feeling Like it’s All Too Much

No matter how good, healthy or smart you are, once, twice, thrice or even more, in your life, you will undoubtedly experience a situation where you feel like, it’s too much!

During these chaotic times, a lot of people are going through this condition. I experience this for the past couple of months. It’s unexplainable! I feel like everything I did was useless, and feels like nobody even notice or appreciate it. And then several times, I caught myself in despair, feeling terrible deep inside, got no one to run to but God! In Him, I find my solitude!

Every time I feel anxious and weary; what I do is just breathe!

At times, a heated argument, a broken system, a failure project, a stubborn colleague or neighbourhood – can piss you off, and get you frustrated! If this happens to me, I just go out of the house, go for a walk, and just breathe!

Breathe does a lot to our system, brain and soul! So next time you feel like, everything is coming altogether, and you think the situation is too heavy of a burden – do not forget to take a BREATHE! Do it deeply! Savour it, and thank God you are still alive and not having COVID Virus! 🙂