As a human, we are persuaded to get into something that will keep us going every day of our lives. As for me, to be able to meet my needs, help others and my family, and fulfil what God has created me for, I chose to commit to online freelancing. My online career isn’t just my job but as well as my business, and my calling!

I love being a full-time online freelancer – to the moon and back! And if I’d be given another chance to start all over again and choose the kind of career to pursue, I’d still want to be an online freelancer.

Working with different personalities, entrepreneurs and small business owners is truly empowering, and life-changing! Helping small businesses did not only developed my soft skills but as well as improved my lifestyle, and enhanced my perception in life.

My online career has blessed me with a good life, but similar to other jobs; it has numerous disadvantages too. If you don’t have the determination, will, and conviction to master the ups and downs of the online world, you will barely survive.

I know a lot of online freelancers who did well on the first three years of their career but got burnt out and eventually gave up. So if you are ambitious, disciplined, and determined to be one of the top online freelancers serving small business owners globally, then welcome to the 3% society!

I am Jo Ann and been working online as a freelancer since 2006. I’m not the best or the smartest, but my determination, good work ethics, and faith have helped me become one of upwork’s top talents.

My secrets are, I remained determined even if at times, I feel like giving up. I keep learning, and always give my best, no matter how pressured and stressed I am. I chose to be professional even if others are acting like an idiot. I am telling you, it wasn’t easy, and I am still trying so hard to keep up. Well, we all should, I reckon.