We attended the gospel in His Life Ministry yesterday, and I am so grateful for the message that Pastor Joebert shared with us. Praise God for paving the way for His Life Ministry to be born!

In life, there are five t’s that we need to know. Please read on to learn more…

⁃ Talk – you talk about good things to bless people around you – your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, anyone.

⁃ Touch – you bless people or children by merely tapping them at the back, by hugging them, handshake with them, or a high-five to teens.

⁃ Time – you bless people if you give them time.

⁃ Treasure – You bless people if you give them gifts or anything you share with them, food, clothes etc.

⁃ Think – you bless people if you think about appreciating them in your thoughts. Praying for them in your thoughts. For instance, you look at your parents, and then you think about – thanking God for blessing you with them, some people haven’t even seen their mom or dad. How wonderful it would be if the child appreciates their parents and vice versa. 🙂

Today, let us take time to bless others. It won’t cost us anything. It will even make us happier.

The more you do these 5 T’s, the more people around you are blessed.

Let’s make sure we do all these 5 T’s as we continue our journey to God’s purpose in our lives.