A year ago, our CEO asked me to read Sheryl Sandberg’s book Option B. She’s a widow and the COO of Facebook. I got the link to the book, but I failed to buy it. And then today, the word wondering popped up my head when I was in the shower. My vision and instinct are always powerful when I am in the water, and I know why.

After the shower, I went over slack, and read back the conversation I had with the CEO. I realised that I missed buying the book. I clicked on the link, read the summary of the book, and to my surprise, it was about a widowed mother.

I connected the dots, (this is what he often tells me to do when I’m facing unfavourable situations, or if an idea comes to mind) and then I recalled how emotional I was on the first quarter of 2018 because of what has been happening to me and my family.

Before 2017’s year-end, my nephews had an accident, that almost killed them. My family and I spent nearly a month in the hospital and we spent too much money on hospital bills, as well as on car repairs etc. Insurance was only released a couple of months after the accident. This devastating incident and some other personal stuff have taken over my ability to make good decisions, and I often caught myself losing grip. I’m not too vocal when it comes to my struggles.

More often, when I am struggling, or in trouble, I prefer to just bow down and pray. I always believe that prayers and faith can heal and restore everything. And I know my troubles will come to pass. Nothing is permanent after all, only God’s words.

Out of confusion and curiosity, I texted our COO and asked if I can ask a question if he doesn’t mind. He immediately replied, YES.

I replied to him saying Thanks.

And then I composed two questions including, 1. If my values and goals are in sync with the company, 2. And if I’m a very emotionally driven person.

Since I asked two questions, I had to put something like, ah questions rather. lol

While waiting for his reply, I went out for a walk with my youngest sister and with Spear – our pregnant dog. When I returned, I got a reply from the COO.

He said, my values and goals are in sync with the company. What an affirmation! 🙂

With my second question, he said, it’s pretty reasonable to be emotionally driven. When buying stuff, we buy from people who make us feel something and not think something. There is nothing wrong with being driven emotionally except if you allow anger to take over your emotions.

I had to read the message several times, then I realised, it has a lot to do with my quest to conquering myself. 🙂 Anger is our enemy. We should not let it take over us. We are more significant than our anger, and we are bigger than our resentments, and madness.

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And at the closing of the message, he said, the company is blessed to have me. I felt humbled. I can hardly believe I get so attached with CEO, COO, and the whole team I work with even if I don’t get to see them. I know this is all because we communicate every day, and even during weekends if the situation calls for it – and it’s ALL GOOD!

The whole point is, in life, the connection we create through communications is indeed powerful. The people I work for, the team I work with, the customers I serve – I don’t get to see or touch (you know meeting up with people face to face makes a difference) them. But with my work, I connect with the stakeholders, team, and customers only through emails, phone calls, chat, and text yet I feel so attached to them. And this is because constant communication builds relationships, and create extraordinary bonds and connections.

Exchanging ideas, thoughts, sharing experiences, appreciating one another, and giving everyone the chance to be involved in every project are some of the factors that influence excellent work relationship. I’m profoundly thankful and happy that God allowed me to be a part of the company I am working for right now. I know I’m not merely working, but fulfilling a great mission. Working with this company is my divine intervention, I was called for this!

But hey, the fun fact is, my unexplainable connection with my team, and our customers cause me to even see them in my dreams – (I hope they are not dreaming about me though). Haha. I’m not sure why I have this type of skills, but usually, my dreams are connected to the future, and with what’s going on around me. I also noticed that my premonitions are happening in real life! At times, it’s happening on the spot. Very surprising!  When I tell mom about this, she got scared. As if I am not her daughter. haha!

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Moving forward, I hope and pray we will all start developing our level of interactions with the people we live with, we love, we meet etc.

Good communication should begin from deep within us – through contemplating, pondering, meditation and prayer – then from our home and the list go on.